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Feathers: Identification for bird conservation
by Marian Cieślak & Bolesław Dul
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Feathers: Identification for bird conservation

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320 pp.
259 photographs
19 tables
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24x16 cm

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Translation into English:
Mikołaj Golachowski, Michał Maniakowski

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James Richards
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Book is recommended by:
Polish Society for the Protection of Bird (OTOP) - partner of Birdlife International

Museum and Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Science (MIIZ) - the Publisher of Acta Ornithologica

Eagle Conservation Committee (KOO)

The identification of birds from their feathers is one of the rather poorly-developed areas of applied ornithology. This book allows to resolve this problem. This guide presents the feathers of 60 species of bird, of which 38 are included in Annex I of the EU's Birds Directive. In European Union Member States, these species require enhanced protection, together with their biotopes, within the framework of the NATURA 2000 network of protected areas. All of the presented diurnal species of birds of prey (Falconiformes) and owls (Strigiformes) also enjoy protection under the 1973 Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). Most of them were also brought under protection by the Bonn and Berne Conventions.
This book contains extensive scientific information including:
  • basic information on feathers: bird plumage, moulting, feather morphology, feather variability
  • the use of feathers in the conservation and study of birds: faunistic research, bird conservation, research into avian ecology, airport protection and aviation and education in the service of bird conservation
  • the feather identification procedure and
  • identifying feathers.
This guide has been prepared for experts as well as enthusiasts for ornithology.
Dr Marian Cieślak, PhD is forester, ecologist and current coordinator of nature protection projects with Poland's Ecofound Fundation. He has been studying the feathers of bird of prey and owls for many years as well as the relevant relationships with species ecology.

Bolesław Dul, M.D.PhD (doctor of medicine and cardiologist) has been fascinated by birds and their feathers since childhood. In his opinion, feathers are works of art inspired by nature.

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